The mission of Northpoint University is to educate people to become leaders of missional impact to extend the Kingdom of God.

Steven J. Hostetter, PhD

Welcome to Northpoint University!

Every time I have a window seat when I fly, I look down at the city of departure or arrival and the vast array of housing that can be seen. I think of and pray for all the people that live in those housing units that need Jesus. 

Northpoint University is missional! What does that mean? It means people need Jesus and we are to be about the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) regardless of our calling or vocation. Our intent is for you to develop a missionary identity, a missional theology, an incarnational method, a mission field, and a missional vision. 

I am making strides toward being a community missionary (loving my neighbor) as we  all should be. We believe in the church as one of God’s primary agencies to accomplish his missional purposes in this world. As we grow in being community missionaries, we introduce people to the church, the hope of the world, where they can grow, be strengthened, and find support in Christian community. 

NU helps you articulate a missional theology and create your own ministry vision and plan that fits your local setting. Our leadership and faculty are practitioner-theologians and they strive to nurture and mentor students to equip them to discover and expose problems, think about them creatively and collaboratively, and work out solutions and strategies for ministry and mission. While certain traditions have value and need to be embraced and fundamental truths held close, we need to be open to changes in praxis to reach people with the gospel. We must be eager to explore and experiment with innovative approaches that will enable our missional theology to be practically effective in these postmodern times. We aim at joining the Sending God in local, regional, national and international mission together.

Steven J. Hostetter, Ph.D.

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