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Our objectives



Certificate of Missional Studies and Bachelor of Christian Education

These programs provide a foundation for a leader in missional living.

• Biblical foundations for a Christian worldview and faith integration.

• Foundations for spiritual formation, that is, being with Christ, becoming like Christ, and participating in Christ’s missional work.

• Basic habits and skills for lifelong learning, such as the ability to read, write, and speak clearly; think critically and develop reasoned arguments; locate and use information resources; utilize computer technology; and work well with others.

• The ability to form, maintain, and enjoy healthy relationships with others where applicable, foundational professional knowledge and skills. 



Graduate Degrees

At the graduate level, NPU seeks to develop in students:

• Highly advanced knowledge, skills, and competencies for one’s chosen profession, which enable graduates to practice and teach others in that field.

• A highly advanced philosophical and theoretical framework that enables students to exercise their professions in contextually appropriate ways.

• A highly advanced theological framework for exercising one’s profession as a servant of Christ.

• An advanced expertise in a specialized discipline, which enables them to teach and conduct research and make original contributions to the theory and/or practice of that field.

• Christian commitment displayed in active discipleship and participation in Christ’s redemptive mission to the nations.


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