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  • Lancaster Bible College (B.S.)
  • Wheaton Graduate School (M.A.)
  • Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (Ph.D.)
  • Former President of Alaska Bible College, Oak Hills Fellowship & Christian College, and Pacific Rim Christian University


Vice President for Academics

  • Chongshin Bible College (B.A.)
  • Hapdong Seminary (M.Div.)
  • Dallas Theological Seminary (STM, MACE)
  • Boston University (Th.D. Cand.)
  • Northpoint University (Th.D. Cand.)

Gichul Choi

Assistant Professor Practical Theology

  • Korea Baptist Theological University (BA/MDiv)
  • Liberty Seminary (ThM/DMin)


Vice President

  • Konkuk University (BA)
  • Korea Baptist Theological University (MDiv)
  • Liberty Seminary (ThM)
  • HanYang University (MBA)
  • Northpoint University (ThD Cand)

Kevin Lee

Professor of Christian Executive/Organization

  • ChungAng University (BS)
  • University of North Texas (MA, PhD Cand)
  • Northpoint University (Hon. D.D./ThM/ThD Cand)

Minyoung Jung

Distinguished Professor of Missional Movement

  • Korea University (BE)
  • Hapding Seminary (MDiv)
  • Calvin Seminary (MTh)
  • University of Texas Arlington (MA)
  • Wycliffe/SIL 35 years,
  • Retired Ambassador to the Global Mission Movements
  • Wycliffe Global Alliance

Changho Jo

Assistant Professor of Youth and Development Psychology

  • Daeshin University (BA) Myoungji University (MA/PhD)

Paul Kim

Assistant Professor of Systemic Theology

  • Biola University (BA)
  • Golden Gate Seminary (MDiv)
  • Princeton Seminary (ThM)
  • Baylor University (PhD)

Dongkuk Lee

Assistant Professor of Church Music

  • Korea Baptist Theological University (BA, MDiv)
  • Liberty Seminary (ThM)
  • Southern Seminary (MCM)
  • Northern Semnary(MA)
  • The Conservatory of America (DMA)

Max Ramsey

Assistant Professor of Missional Studies

  • University of Richmond (BA)
  • Union Theological Seminary (MDiv)
  • Northpoint University (ThD Cand.), 21 years of Missional transformational experiences.

Eun Young Yoo

Assistant Professor of Church Music

  • North Park University (Bachelor of Music)
  • Roosevelt University (MA in Music and Performance)
  • American Conservatory of Music (MA, DMA)

John Yoo

Assistant Professor and Director of the East

  • Korea Baptist Theological University (BA)
  • Southern Seminary (MDiv)
  • Northpoint University (ThD Cand)

Robert Oh

Assistant Professor, Research and Missiolgy

  • UCLA (BA)
  • Fuller Seminary (MDiv., DMin)
  • Middlesex University, UK (PhD)

Hye Young Lee

Assistant Professor in Pastoral Counseling

  • Seoul National University of Education (BA)
  • Harvest Bible University (MM)
  • Northpoint University (ThM, ThD in progress)

David G. Han

Research Professor

  • California State University (BA)
  • Fuller Seminary (MDiv)
  • Oxford Center for Mission Studies/Middlesex University, UK (PhD)

Kwanjae Yoo

Professor of Practical Theology

  • Korea Baptist Theological Seminary (BA)
  • Azusa Pacific University (MA, MM)
  • Ashland Theological Seminary (DMin)

Johnny You

Professor of Practical Theology

  • Korea College and Seminary (BA)
  • Northwest Baptist Seminary (MA)
  • Northwest Graduate School of the Ministry (DMin)

David Chung

Mission Professor

  • Southwest Baptist University (BA)
  • Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (MDiv, PhD)
  • President of David Chung Ministry International.

Michael Wee

Director of Northpoint University Institute

  • Korea University (BA)
  • Northpoint University (MDiv/ThD Cand)

Seoweon Jin

 Assistant Professor

  • University of Texas (BA/PhD)
  • Central Seminary (MDiv)
  • Northpoint University (ThD in progress)


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